When it comes to pipes, you rarely notice them…until they’re not working properly. At Coleman Plumbing, we work with all hot and cold-water pipes (both copper and plastic) as well as sewer and drain pipes.

Pipe Repair and Replacement

Water, sewer, and drain pipes will likely have to be repaired or replaced at one point or another, and Coleman Plumbing is up for the job. Most often, we see broken or leaking water pipes or drains in need of cleaning. We have the experience and equipment necessary to complete these repairs.

Whole House Water Line Replacement

If you live in an older home, it is likely equipped with galvanized steel plumbing. This material, however, is likely to corrode, causing issues with your home plumbing. If you have frequent blockages, leaks, or significant water pressure fluctuation, it may be time for a whole house water line replacement. This process involves:

  1. Choosing the materials (typically copper pipes or highest quality plastic pipes).
  2. Cutting into your home’s drywall for pipe installation.
  3. Patching and painting of walls.
  4. Intermittent water interruptions.
Pipes, a wrench, and a blueprint on a table.

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Once replaced, you will likely notice a difference immediately. We take special care of your home, making sure we leave it the way we found it.

Main Water Line Repair

We’re also proud to offer water line repair and replacement services. This process often requires us to dig up the affected area of piping. It is to be expected that a portion of your lawn will be removed for the repair process. Be aware that these repairs often require the main water line to be turned off, eliminating any water from reaching your home during the repair process.

Main Water Line Repair

With 50+ years of experience, we have everything we need to make repairs or replacements as necessary. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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