Have you noticed an odor? Slow or clogged drains? Soggy lawn? Mold issues in your home? These are all signs that it’s time to have your sewer line looked at by a professional. Though there are temporary D-I-Y fixes for a slow or clogged drain, it can be a sign of a much bigger issue. If you choose Coleman Plumbing in Woodstock, Georgia, we will identify and resolve any issues with your sewer in the most efficient manner possible.

Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above, you will likely have to have your sewer line either repaired or replaced. Since this line is located underground outside of your house, it takes experience and machinery to allow us to gain access to the line. When hired for a sewer line repair or replacement, we complete the project from start to finish including utilizing excavation machinery for trenching to gain access to the line, use of a fiber-optic camera to help identify the root of the issue, repair or replacement of the line, and basic cover-up once the job is completed*.

*Note: While we cover up the location of the excavation, we do not provide final landscaping.

A plumber makes a pipe connection.

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Pipe Boring

In some cases, we’re able to bore a pipeline instead of having to trench. Pipe boring is a method of installing pipes underground that requires a drilling rig. A bore path is created, which decreases environmental effects, keeping your yard as intact as possible. This is a useful method if the land has too many rocks or for replacing pipes under driveways and sidewalks to avoid concrete repairs.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer lines need to be cleaned every once in a while. This keeps them moving efficiently and minimizes the chance of a clogged toilet or other longer-lasting damages. Though we find that most clients don’t call us until there is an issue, we recommend that you have your sewer line inspected and cleaned approximately once every two years. The best way to detect early-stage blockages is to stay ahead of potential problems. 

Sewer Inspection Camera

Technology has allowed us to be even more precise in identifying and locating issues within sewer lines. Thanks to our fiber-optic camera, we’re able to find the source of the issue more efficiently than ever. This camera consists of a long, flexible metal cable equipped with powerful lights and a small camera. Using a screen, we can see everything we need to see to know how best to approach the issue. 

Sewer Inspection Camera

We know that having your sewer line cleaned, repaired, or replaced might not be the home improvement project you had in mind, but it’s crucial for your health and comfort. We’re located in Woodstock, Georgia, but also serve Marietta and surrounding areas. To find out if we serve your area, click here. We’re looking forward to the opportunity of serving you!
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