Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

Many homeowners will experience issues with their toilets not flushing at least once in their lifetime. It might seem a little taboo to discuss what happens in the bathroom- but having a functioning water system is part of what makes our everyday life a little bit easier. A toilet is an especially important part of your bathroom, for obvious reasons. So, what happens when your toilet isn't doing exactly what it's supposed to do?

It can be incredibly frustrating when things aren't working as they're intended to. Luckily, Coleman Plumbing has some insight on how to diagnose your toilet flushing problem. Once you identify the reason your toilet isn't flushing, it's typically pretty easy to get it back into working order with the help of a trained professional.

1. Clogged toilet

This might seem too obvious to miss, however not all clogs are up front and center. It could be as simple as some toilet paper, a toy, feminine care products, or other items getting stuck in your toilet system. When this happens, your best bet is to locate your nearest plunger and get to work. If you notice this is an issue that frequently occurs, the issue might be deeper in your drain system, and it's best to call a professional to rectify the clog.

As a general rule of thumb, the only items that should go down your toilet are human waste, toilet paper specifically designed for septic systems, and certain cleaners. If you want to prevent a clogged toilet, avoid these common bathroom items when flushing away your worries:
• Baby wipes
• Q- tips
• Feminine products
• Diapers
• Dental floss
• Paper towels
• Medication
• Cat Litter
• Hair
• Gum

2. Not Enough Water in the Tank

Every time you flush the toilet, you should hear that familiar hum of water filling the toilet tank back up. If you don't hear that sound, that means that the water in the tank is running low and cannot properly flush the waste down the pipe system. If your water valve was accidentally turned off, it can be fixed by simply twisting it back open. If water levels still seem low or no flushing occurs after doing this, you should contact Coleman Plumbing.

3. Broken Parts

If you press down on the toilet handle and nothing happens, you could have a broken chain on your hands. Similarly, it could be the flapper that is broken and cannot be triggered by the chain pulling on it. Look inside the toilet's tank and see if you can identify the issue. If the chain floated off, you could just reattach it to the flapper. If the chain, flapper, or other parts are damaged beyond repair, you may have install new parts with a professional's help.

Try not to worry when you don't know why your toilet won't flush. This is one of the most common problems plumbers run into, and we won't treat it as something to be embarrassed of when you call to get it fixed! Coleman Plumbing is here to help.
Whatever plumbing issue you run into, having a trusted plumber in the Woodstock area is essential to being stress free when things go unplanned! Contact us today to schedule regular maintenance, installation, or to address your plumbing problems!

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