When to Replace Water Pipes

Your home is full of hot and cold-water pipes that make your daily water use run smoothly, but knowing when and why to have your water lines replaced is most important to keeping your property and family safe.

Why You Should Consider Replacement

Your property houses water pipes for many different reasons, from the tap in your kitchen sink, to the drain in your shower, and at some point in each line's life cycle they will need to be replaced. Older homes (homes built before 1960) are typically fitted with galvanized steel plumbing and can be susceptible to corrosion over time.

Homeowners Insurance

If you have had a few leaks in your pipes that have caused enough property damage to your home that you have had to file an insurance claim for the repairs, this can lead to your premiums getting increased. In fact, multiple claims can result in your insurance actually being cancelled. If you are constantly having leaks around your home, get in touch with Coleman Plumbing in Woodstock about having your pipes replaced to solve your problem from the source, and protect your home form future damage.

Your Home's Resale Value

If you think selling your home might be in your near future, it could be very beneficial to show that your home's pipes have been replaced as needed by a qualified plumbing company. This could help your home sell quickly and really show the value that you have put into it. Many potential home buyers are aware of any plumbing issues that may be of concern, so whether you're trying to replace pipes before selling or want us to take a look at your new home's water system, give Coleman Plumbing in Woodstock a call today.

The Replacement Process

When the time comes to replace the pipes in your home, it's important to plan for the future to keep your home's water system healthy. Choosing premium copper pipes or high-quality plastic pipes will ensure that your home can pipe water in and out safely for decades to come, and the differences can be explained to you by our expert technicians. Coleman Plumbing has professionals at the ready to tackle your next pipe replacement!

Once the proper pipe material has been chosen, our professionals cut into the drywall to remove and install pipes. Our team also replaces and repaints your drywall, which is included in every project. All new pipes and fittings will be pressurized and thoroughly tested before any walls are repaired to ensure the job is done right.

Main Line Repair

Another type of pipe replacement to look out for is knowing when to replace your main water line. This is the pipe that comes from the city or county water meter that is usually near the road or sidewalk in front of your home. The main line runs underground and connects to your house near a foundation wall. Among the other warning signs of line replacement, the main line can cause water to pool in your lawn, leading to a soggy surrounding area. If you have had multiple leaks in this pipe and have been told it may be defective, it might be time to think about having it replaced.

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Scheduling Your Replacement

Needing pipe replacements are not something homeowners look forward to, and of course you will have some questions and concerns along the way. It is best to call John and Coleman Plumbing in Woodstock, Georgia to have his team of experts help you in pipe replacement.

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