When to Fix a Leak

No matter how small or infrequent, when you notice a leak in your home it should be addressed as soon as possible. Water and excess moisture can do lots of damage to your home over time, and if you're just now finding a leak, it could point to extended water exposure tracing back to long before you noticed. 

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average American Household uses over 300 gallons of water per day, meaning that the longer your home goes with untreated leaks, the damage could amount up to more than you might expect! 

Where Do I Look?

Sometimes a leak in your plumbing system can be obvious, from a leaky faucet to a pool surrounding your water heater, but other times, it can leak for days, even weeks, before you may notice.

A leak in your plumbing system might make itself known by presenting water spots in your ceiling, which can be a sign the room above is the source of the leak. This is often seen in ceiling space below a bathroom with a shower or bathtub above it.

Another common place to regularly check for leaks can be somewhere not nearly as obvious, but just as costly – in your water bill. If you're noticing a spike in your water bill but no major changes to your family's water usage, this can be a sign that somewhere along the way you're not only paying for water you aren't using, but paying for water that could be damaging your home.

What Can Go Wrong? 

Oftentimes, when homeowners notice a leak, the immediate thought may be to put a bucket underneath it and "get to it later." This could not be further from the right choice. 

Trying to tighten a pipe or fixture in the area of a leak yourself could also lead to damage down the line to your internal plumbing system. It is always important to contact your local plumbing experts right away. Untreated leaks and excess moisture in your home can not only cost you more monthly, but also when it eventually comes to repairing damaged wood, drywall, and more – it isn't the question of "if," it will be "when?"

Water pooling up in your home can invite mold to begin growing near the infected areas. It can create mildew and rot inside the floors, ceilings, and walls, making your family vulnerable to mold-caused sickness.

A plumber should be among the first steps in maintaining leak-caused water damage since most water-related damaged cannot be repaired until the cause of the problem has been stopped. At Coleman Plumbing, we can assist you in the process of water removal, mold remediation, and other parts of the cleanup process. 

How Coleman Plumbing Can Help 

At Coleman Plumbing, our staff is made up of knowledgeable and experienced plumbers, making us the right choice for fixing leaks in your home. Our team is able to fix leaks and can assist you in the cleanup and water removal processes.

Addressing leaks in your home should always be done as soon as possible, not only to save you money on next month's water bill, but to save you from thousands of dollars' worth of damage in the long run.

If you have leaks in your home, big or small, give Coleman Plumbing call today to see how we can help!
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