Pressure Reducing Valve

A pressure reducing valve, (PRV) is a great way to protect the plumbing in your home. Coleman Plumbing Services recommends the use of a PRV because it can also help to save water. Lower pressure means less water coming out of fixtures. However, pressure which is too high can result in leaks, eroded washers, banging pipes, and even pipes bursting. A PRV is a valve which controls the level of water pressure coming into your home to ensure that it is at an effective and safe level.These devices are usually installed where the water service enters the home after the main shut off valve. If you live in an area with freezing temperatures, make sure it is protected. It is recommended to consult a licensed plumber who can access the piping in your home and recommend what pressure will be best to use. Normal household water pressure should be at 55 psi.

Most people on city or county water have a pressure reducing valve on the water main entering a home or business. All PRV's should be inspected by a licensed plumber to ensure that it is in working condition. Pressure reducing valves, like all plumbing, has a lifespan and will need to replaced in the future. 

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