Debunking 3 Common Plumbing Myths

You'll find hundreds, even thousands, of D.I.Y. methods, quick-fix remedies, and "household hacks" all across the internet, you may have even tried some before. If you have heard of or tried some of these before but the solution to your plumbing problems may not always be what they seem. Check out this list of common plumbing myths we put together to debunk, once and for all! 

Always remember, when dealing with plumbing systems around all areas of your home, you should always proceed with extreme caution, and contact your local, trusted plumbing experts when in need. 

Myth: Taking Up Space in Your Toilet Tank will Save Money

You may have heard of this myth that is supposedly sure to not only save you on your water bill, but conserve water as well. Commonly told as, "place a brick or water-filled 2-liter soda bottle into your toilet tank to minimize the amount of water used during each flush.

While yes, this would decrease the tank's volume, causing the float valve to cease water flow to refill the tank with less water, but this can cause serious problems by not allowing your toilet to flush properly and with enough water to perform its intended task.

If you are curious about upgrading your toilet to be more efficient out of the box, contact Coleman Plumbing today today to learn about our toilet installation services.

Myth: A Strange Noise Means My Water Heater will Explode 

You may have heard warnings about exploding water heaters over the years as a homeowner, and you may have even seen the MythBusters give this a go; while yes, water heaters can explode, causing serious damage or injury, it is extremely rare, and there are more specific signs of an explosion than just any noise. Explosions usually occur in the presence of a gas leak, pressure valve failure, or discolored and smelly water coming from near the unit.

More commonly, water heaters can make low rumbling, sizzling, or crackling sounds which simply mean that your water heater needs to be cleaned out to remove sediment build up from over the years. To learn more about the signs a water heater needs maintenance, contact Coleman Plumbing today! 

Myth: Dropped a Ring Down the Sink? Time to Panic! 

Have you ever dropped something down your sink drain you wish you could get back? Maybe a spoon down the sink, or worse, maybe a pieceof valuable jewelry? Well, luckily your options for ring retrieval should be pretty easy, so don't panic!

Most sink drain pipes have something called the 'P-Trap,' which can easily be temporarily removed to see if that is where your ring has fallen. If you can't find your ring in here, you can then get in touch with a plumber to prevent future problems by helping you get your ring back.

Contact Coleman Plumbing today for assistance in any drain or pipe problems in your house! 

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