Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Safe to Use?

We've all been there before - you start to notice that your showers are spent standing in a shallow pool of water that doesn't seem to properly drain, or you go to wash your hands in the sink, and it begins to fill up even though it should be freely draining.

Typically, in these moments you may make a mental note to pick up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner the next time you're at the store, but have you ever stopped to consider whether these products are actually beneficial to your home's plumbing system? 

Can They Do Damage?

If you've ever wondered how these chemical clog-busters actually work then you might be in for a surprise. These products clear drain clogs by creating a chemical reaction to heat up organic matter in the drain to near-boiling temperatures to eat away at the clog. The bottle's instructions then prompt you to flush out the clog with hot water, and voila – clog is gone!

What To Use Instead 

If you are choosing to go with the safer route, there are a few other options available to get rid of drain clogs. One of the most forgotten clog remedies is often your best option – your plunger! 

Plungers can be very effective with a tight seal around your drain opening, forcing water through a drain to push through a clog. For clogs that might not be so simple, you might need to break them up with a drain snake. A drain snake can be an extremely useful tool to keep around the house, but you must be careful when using them.

If you have a clog that you think needs the power of a powered drain snake or pipe auger, contact Coleman Plumbing today to schedule a visit.

How To Prevent Clogs

When you're finished dealing with a major clog, you need to consider what things you can implement to avoid future headaches. One of the best ways to avoid drain clogs in your shower is by placing a drain guard to catch hair and sift through soap build up. Mesh drain guards can not only prevent clogs, but improve the lifespan of your pipe system over time.

Another way to prevent drain clogs is to avoid putting harmful objects down your drain. Avoid putting grease and oil down your kitchen sink, and any other paper product besides toilet paper down your toilet.

How We Can Help 

If you have a build up or clog that you need help with, contact Coleman Plumbing today. Think your pipes might be facing the effects of prolonged liquid drain cleaner? We have knowledgeable and experienced staff here to help re-pipe any drain in your home to get your drains running smoothly again. 

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